Tech Instructions

TV Sound.

  • The living room TV has two audio options.
    • Internal Speakers
    • First floor surround sound via the Dennon Receiver.
  • To select destination for the TV Sound:
    • Using the TV remote, select the HOME icon on the remote control
    • On the bottom row of Icons on the TV screen, scroll left untill you see the “Settings” button
    • Select Sound
    • Select Sound Output
      • Select “Optical” for surround system.  (Denon must be set to TV for this option)
      • Select “TV Speakers for internal speakers.
  • Denon
    • Select Source
      • Use the large nob on the left side of the receiver to select source .
    • Current Source Options
      • TV (surround sound living room)
      • Alexa (responds to Alexa commands)